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Welcome to Halflight Guitars. I'm James Crisp, I make Guitars, Sculpture and other woodwork from my workshop in Norfolk, UK. I have spent my working life making bespoke woodwork of many kinds- from hand cut house framing to designer furniture, ultra modern to historic reproduction and restoration- there are examples of my work all over the UK and internationally. I've been self employed making sculpture and cabinetwork since 2013, starting Halflight guitars in 2017. The guitars on this site have been my aim and dream for many years, the reason I first picked up a chisel.

My Naiad guitar design is the result of nearly twenty years of planning, research and many prototypes, and more than twenty years playing and obsessing about music and the guitar. As a designer and hand builder working alone, I adopt an intense, time-consuming, no compromise approach to guitarmaking, based largely around precision hand tool work and refined machining techniques. I am looking again at all aspects of the design and making process, with an open mind and a real respect for both traditional practises and modern engineering and science.




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