sculpted, balanced body

Each Naiad body is fully carved- sculpted curves on the back, the front and along the sides. This process allows the feel, weight and balance to be tuned for each instrument.

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refined set neck

The Naiad neck joint is an open dovetail pocket, glued under very high pressure. This achieves direct wood to wood contact, pure sound transfer, enormous strength and long term stability.

naiad 4 neck joint.JPG
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multi taper neck

Each Naiad neck is made from six precision planed, tapered strips of highest quality straight grained Ash.

The cutting, matching, planing and gluing process allows the neck to be much stiffer and more stable than a single piece neck allows. Tapering each strip precisely beforehand, rather than tapering the whole neck after gluing straight strips, allows the run of the grain to follow the finished neck shape.

The truss rod is embedded centrally during gluing, running past the playing surface at both ends. Truss rod adjustment is from the top end of the headstock, so that it is instantly accessible for fine adjustments to relief while the strings are on and at their long term full tension.


Naiad bridge

The unique wooden bridge for the Naiad guitars is designed to provide maximum vibration transfer both to the body and string to string.

The tone is rich in resonance, detail, and overtones, highly responsive and with incredible sustain. The tonal properties of wood as a material are key here, as is the solidness of the construction and the joint- anything that might allow the energy of the sound to leak away has been removed. I think about this concept as ' pure flow', and it is key to the whole Naiad design.

The Naiad bridge design is individually made for each guitar- action and intonation are preset in relation to the chosen string gauge at the making stage.

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Naiad Nut and Zero Fret

The Nut and Zero Fret allows precision control over action height, pressure and hold at each string contact point.

This arrangement also allows the headstock to be a direct continuation of the neck. There is no joint or thinning of the wood that would compromise the strength and vibration transfer at this critical point.


Highly shielded direct signal path

The signal wires run through the body inside a thick walled, earthed copper tube, the pickup and socket cavities are as small as possible and have a highly effective shielding coating, and the whole wiring run is as short and direct as possible.


Rear recessed socket

A rear recessed barrel type socket is extremely strong, protects the lead connection, and leaves the front pure, simple and balanced.


Handmade wooden pickup covers

My pickup covers are individually handmade to fit precisely. The gap between the top surface of the pickup and the underside of the cover is 0.2mm , the thickness of wood above the pickup is 0.6mm. The wood, being non-magnetic, does not impede the signal in any way- it is the distance that is important, the extreme thinness is to allow the pickup to be in the perfect position below the strings.

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penetrating oil finish

The entire guitar is thoroughly soaked in a high performance oil. This oil is designed to be absorbed in quantity and to penetrate deeply, it seals both at the surface and inside the structure of the timber, preventing airborne moisture and liquid ingress to a very high degree, with no area left unprotected.

Polished to a high shine, the finished look and feel is of the natural beauty and warmth of wood.


stainless steel frets

Stainless Steel fretwire is much harder than traditional nickel silver fretwire. This material is more wear resistant and polishes to a finer, smoother surface.

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Flat fretboard profile

The standard fretboard profile on my Naiad guitars is zero radius - completely flat. This has two key advantages- consistency of action across all strings and frets, with the effortless playability and precision intonation that this brings, and no fretting out when bending strings. Any radius is possible on a custom Naiad.

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Naiad neck profile

The standard neck profile on my Naiad guitars is characterised by the central flat on the back, uniformly radiused shoulders, and even thickness along the entire length. This profile provides comfort, consistency of feel and support for the hand across the whole neck in every playing position. Any neck profile is possible on a custom Naiad.