The design, precision making and custom nature of the Naiad guitars allows for any possible action. Total freedom of choice of height at nut and bridge and neck relief is offered, preset to work as part of the instrument as a whole.

My Standard setup would be considered low by most and has great dynamic range and depth of tone in conjunction with great playability and comfort. Higher actions suit the more forceful player, though it is important to consider that the precision approach that I take to all aspects of design and construction means that my guitars will be cleaner under equivilent force than a guitar that ‘requires’ a high action just to play cleanly at all (in other guitars, this is usually due to inconsistent response to string tension along the neck, which can ruin the accuracy in practice of even very well executed fretwork).

For the low action conossieur Naiads can be ordered as low as 0.8 mm height at the 12th fret, bass and treble, with present but minimal relief- this is very, very low, an absolute joy to the right player, effortless.

Precision making, understanding of materials, and intelligent design across many features of the Naiad guitars enable a personalised and refined, comfortable and articulate setup, always with great tone, intonation and dynamic range.