The design and precision making of the Naiad guitars allows for any possible action- including incredibly low actions that retain exceptional dynamic range and full, expressive tone.

My personal action preference for electric guitar with standard 10 gauge strings and 650mm scale length is 0.8 mm at the 12th fret, bass and treble, with present but minimal relief- this is very very low, and is an absolute joy- effortless playability. The proof of this is only in the playing- setting most guitars to this height will result in most of the strings buzzing over most parts of the neck, and bending will be impossible in many places without choking out. Even accurate fretwork cannot always remedy this as the problem is often how the guitar responds to the tension of the strings over time, and extreme precision is required with levelling AND subsequent polishing to go this low anyway. Methods for simulating string tension during fretwork may be effective, but simulation is a difficult thing considering the nature of wood, and then you have to think about changes over time. These reasons are why the neck design and my working methods for the Naiad guitars are the way they are- the results speak for themselves.

Poorly designed or built guitars REQUIRE a high action to play cleanly at all. Players want many different setups for many good reasons, but in my experience many have never played on really low actions that still play clean and sound great- because it's very difficult to achieve, impossible on some guitar designs. Even if you like to play with a high action, as I sometimes do and like to have choices of guitars set up in different ways, it's worth considering that the more precision there is to the fretwork, the harder you can play before getting string buzz at any particular action setting.

Precision making, understanding of materials, and intelligent design across many features of the Naiad guitars enable comfortable, articulate actions with great tone and huge dynamic range. A real joy to play, and much less tiring and damaging to the body over both hours- and years.