Any available pickups can be specified for a custom Naiad, there's loads of great ones out there, each with their own personality. I would recommend the Q tuner Neodymium pickups as featured on the standard Naiads.

They sound incredible- detailed, articulate, balanced, versatile….Look at the windings on transparent cover versions to get a sense of their technical mastery- might sound cold, but what you get is a warm, organic sound- not muddy, squashed and distant 'warm', or totally focused on one small area of frequency at the expense of any detail and dynamics, but expressive and responsive with real presence and balance, and a broad frequency response, particularly in the treble where they reproduce very high frequencies without harshness. All this allows them to communicate the subtle character of each guitar- subtle changes in wood, sizes and profiles are really heard through these pickups, not overpowered by a dominant character. Playing is rendered with accuracy and authority.