Any available pickups can be specified for a custom Naiad, there's loads of great ones out there, each with their own personality, or we can work together to find the perfect combination of pickups and electronics for the sounds you’re after.

For the purist, I love the Q tuner Q2.0 SC Neodymium. This pickup is the ideal for the Direct Out setup- it has a full range, balanced frequency response for versatility and exceptional detail and responsiveness, whether played clean, dirty or anywhere in between.

The Q2.0 SC is a Single coil sized, dual coil pickup made with Q tuners’ unique tech. Have a close look at the windings on the transparent cover versions to get a sense of this technical mastery- might sound like a cold reason, but the result is a sound that is both articulate AND warm. They honestly communicate the character of each guitar- subtleties from the wood and construction are really heard through these pickups.