Redistributing and/or removing weight in order to have both lightness generally and 24 equally accessible frets without making the instrument neck heavy is one of the critical achievements of the Naiad design.

I chose the Gotoh Stealth tuners for the Naiad because of their precision construction, extreme low weight and small size. They are built to very high standards and perform excellently. Lightness is an advantage for tuners because their position at the end of the neck means that their weight has a greater effect on the overall balance of the instrument than it might at first seem. Small size is an advantage as it allows the whole headstock to be smaller and thus lighter.

So a lightweight headstock and tuners allows the whole instrument to be lighter and yet remain balanced. Other construction methods, like headless guitars, have their own issues. I am not always seeking to make my instruments as light as possible. I am seeking a weight and balance that gives great sound, stability and comfort, and to suit each player personal tastes. An instrument as light as 2.25 Kgs can be perfectly balanced in the Naiad style, with no neck dive.